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Collaborative Cloud Computing

cloud computing

Moveitnet has now made a giant leap by introducing Collaborative Cloud Computing. According to world leading IT consultants Gartner, Cloud Computing has been, and will continue to be, the largest growth area for the delivery of software for some years to come.

benefits of cloud computing

Moveitnet has now made a giant leap by introducing Collaborative Cloud Computing.

Initially the system was configured to be managed only by the Sender or Seller of the goods. Now it can also be configured to meet the needs of Carriers, Freight Brokers and 3PL’s as well as Senders and Receivers.

Any party can decide to use the system but all parties benefit from its use. Each can enter and receive the documentation, data, information and visibility they need.

For example, Freight Brokers and Carriers can offer Senders computerised dispatch automation. They also get added control because they can see their costs as well as their charge out rates. Carriers and in-house fleets can also provide real time POD’s whilst Receivers can see the delivery status of all consignments from the Sender.

This enables mutually beneficial Collaboration between all parties in the delivery chain by simplifying and optimising performance in a way that was previously impossible. This means lower costs and higher service levels for everyone.


Computers and hand-held devices have been sprouting like mushrooms in warehouses, dispatch docks and delivery vehicles for many years. Together they have significantly improved productivity, process speed and accuracy.

However there is no carrier industry standard and they are mainly islands of automation. Worse, many companies and carriers cannot afford them or do not adopt them because of their limitations. Handwritten consignment notes and much delayed status updates and proof of delivery (if any) are still all too common.

The advent of fast computing via broadband has facilitated the growing move to Cloud Computing for the delivery of software applications anywhere at any time.

There can be no field in which this technology is more relevant than in logistics and particularly for Delivery Management Systems.

Many companies have multiple distribution centres, often dozens of carriers, hundreds of suppliers and thousands of customers, all in different locations. Now Moveitnet can be used and controlled from anywhere for the management of all deliveries.

What’s more, everyone can afford Moveitnet because they only pay for what they use.