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Configuring Moveitnet

xonfigure moveitnet modules to suit the needs of your growing business

Moveitnet is built in a series of modules so that it can be tailored to the individual needs of users. The structure of the modules also varies for Senders, Freight Brokers/Consultants, Carriers and other users. To give an overview let’s look at a simplified view of a typical modular structure for Senders.

moveitnet modules

There are four modules that service the specific needs of each Sender department that is involved with Delivery Management within the Sender’s enterprise.



As shown, each module has optional interfaces to extend the range and power of Moveitnet.

You can have a powerful low cost multi-carrier system simply by using the Dispatch module. Add one or more modules at any time to give you increasingly powerful freight process automation throughout the company.

optional interfaces

ERP or WMS system

erp systems

The Dispatch Module can, if required, be interfaced with your ERP or WMS system. That makes for faster and more accurate downloading of order information and even faster generation of labels, consignment notes and other dispatch documentation.

Fleet – Moveitnet’s own sign-on glass solutions

own solutions

The Customer Service Modules can be interfaced to a variety of sign-on glass systems available from Moveit.

For example, the Moveit Fleet Module can drive a range of Portable Data Entry units that can be used with your own fleet or contract drivers who could otherwise not provide you with real-time proof of delivery.

Systems of collecting real-time status updates from smart phones are currently under development and will further improve the flow of real-time information from Carriers to the Customer Service Module.

Moveitnet can also provide you with sign-on glass tablets that get real-time POD’s signatures at pick-up counters and transfer depots including where multi-leg journeys are involved.

New technologies under development

new technologies under development

Moveit is currently developing new technology that will enable those making deliveries to get POD's without the high cost of heavy Portable Data Entry Units.

Most vehicle drivers will own a smart phone so they will be able to send real time status reports or even scan documents and transmit them to Moveitnet.



Moveitnet comes with a powerful management tool called My Reports that can provide you with summaries and analysis of almost any information you require.

Analytics is an optional tool that is even more powerful for the analysis and impressive graphic presentation of your freight and delivery performance data.