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Moveitnet in a Nutshell

Delivery Management Made Easy

Moveitnet is a proven, stable and functionally rich multi-carrier Cloud based Delivery Management System that cost effectively enables you to automate the processes involved in delivering goods to promise from anywhere.

What is Moveitnet

A single system for all your users anywhere - which enables central control


Affordable – you pay only for what you use and you save far more than it costs


Fast and easy to implement and use


Flexible – you can add modules and features or customise as you grow


Powerful - you can handle cross docking, multi-leg journeys and returns


No new hardware or scarce IT resources are needed


High levels of security for both the physical and electronic infrastructure


Data readily available from our dual systems in a professionally hosted centre

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moveitnet - the product

Moveitnet the product

Moveitnet automates dispatch, delivery and related customer service, costing and accounting functions, and provides a controlled view for you and your customers, for all of your deliveries dispatched with any carrier, from anywhere, via anywhere, at any time.

It outperforms carrier and other enterprise based Dispatch Systems because it operates in the cloud and is available on your browsers right now.

It is an established product and yet, because of constant upgrading, it uses the very latest technology in terms of software, databases, operating systems and hardware.

moveitnet is a single system - use only what you need


moveitnet is a single system - use only what you need

Moveitnet is a single system with scores of features and modules that can be turned on or off for each user. This enables all users to share the powerful supporting infrastructure and yet customise their own Moveitnet Online Delivery Management System to suit their own particular needs.

This approach enables users to start off with simple lower cost versions but add features and functionality as they grow.

Moveitnet gets functionally richer and more powerful all the time

As customers or the Moveit team come up with new ideas for new features and new functionality, Moveit writes new code and regularly releases it – usually to all users. There are typically 4 to 6 new releases each year. All users are sent details of each new release.

Moveitnet is being constantly enhanced so we will never get stuck with an old version. When new features come out we trial them on the test website and only activate them if they work better for us. It’s all so easy we don’t need any help from our IT Department

Peter Puts - National Distribution Manager, Davey Pumps

The Best Delivery Management System in the World?

"Moveitnet, in conjunction with their users, have developed their system to the point where it is probably the most outstanding Delivery and Carrier management system in the world."

John Hore - National Logistics Manager, Clipsal

What are Moveitnet’s capacity limitations?

Moveitnet already has thousands of authorised users carrying out hundreds of thousands of transactions. Some senders, and especially Freight Brokers, have hundreds of dispatch points. Some use hundreds of different carriers. The limits of Moveitnet’s power are yet to be tested.

"New functionality keeps falling out of the sky".

John Hore - National Distribution Manager, Clipsal

Moveitnet is easy to start using – and it can pay for itself from day one

Unlike conventional software the Moveitnet Cloud Computing solution is already up and running on the web. In comparison to the installation of ordinary computing systems, connecting to Moveitnet is a breeze.

"The whole team was delighted with the simplicity of using Moveitnet. It was like “Windows for Dummies”. Training staff in the basic features took only 10 minutes and we saw the benefits from day one."

Peter Puts - National Distribution Manager, Davey Pumps


But these savings are only the beginning. The ultimate purpose of Moveitnet is to automate and reduce the costs of all in house freight administration and management whilst working towards cost reduction and delivery performance optimisation.

Configuring Moveitnet for different types of businesses?

Moveitnet can be configured to suit not only the individual needs of each Sender business but also for different businesses that are involved in the total Delivery Management process.

Click on each business type to find out how Moveitnet can quickly and cost effectively revolutionise your business:

Senders | Freight Brokers | 3PL’s | CarriersReceivers

Click here to learn more about configuring the Moveitnet Modules or call 1300 884 294 to organise an online demonstration and find out how Moveitnet can help you do a better job of Delivery Management starting in as little as a few days time.