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A World Class Solution


Moveitnet is a proven, stable and functionally rich multi-carrier Online Delivery Management System that cost effectively enables you to deliver to promise from anywhere.

"Moveitnet in conjunction with their users have developed their system to the point where it is probably the most outstanding delivery and carrier management system in the world".

John Hore - National Logistics Manager, Clipsal

Moveitnet is a low cost solution that saves far more than it costs


Moveitnet is fast and easy to log on and start using. You pay only a modest monthly cost for what you use. So Moveitnet is the ideal tool to help freight and logistics managers control and optimise the cost and performance of their delivery operation.

"Apart from the in house cost savings we slashed our direct freight costs by around 20% over 2 years and we simply couldn’t have done that without Moveitnet"

Darren Reemeyer - National Operations Manager, JohnsonDiversey

Managing Complexity


Many users have a single dispatch point, but some have hundreds. Most use a few carriers, but again, some have hundreds of carriers.

Because it is a Cloud Computing solution Moveitnet is capable of managing dispatch from an unlimited number of locations including directly from suppliers and customer returns. It can be accessed by your authorised freight broker or logistics consultant and importantly by all of your customers.

Moveitnet interfaces (where possible in real time) with hundreds of carriers and produces labels and documents in the very different formats specified by each carrier.

Moveitnet can even manage your own fleet or your permanent contractors and enable them to give you real time status updates and POD sign on glass capability.

"I needed a freight management system that was flexible; could grow and change with our needs. Most importantly, it had to give me visibility of all activities across a complex distribution chain that used many different solutions to move freight to and from many locations. That can only be done over the internet and that’s why I chose Moveitnet."

John Fraser - Logistics and Operations Manager, Kyocera Mita Australia Ltd