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a single system for all carriers saves far more than it costsimporve dispatch productivity by 50%

A single highly productive system for all carriers anywhere

A single highly productive system for all carriers anywhere

Whether the use of Moveitnet is introduced by the Sender themselves or their Freight Broker or one or more of their Carriers, the Dispatch Module delivers the same benefits to the Sender.

Many Senders use Carrier Dispatch systems, each with different menus and screens. Many consignment notes are still hand written. Moveitnet provides a single system to process all consignment notes, labels, barcodes and other documents in different formats to suit each Carrier.

 Dispatch Productivity is increased

Dispatch Productivity is increased

Training operators how to use the Moveit Dispatch Module takes only 10 minutes and most operators see the benefits from day one.

“Before Moveitnet, the dispatch team was spending hours every day waiting for certain Carrier terminals and in some cases handwriting consignment notes”

Grant Leake - Distribution Team Leader, Davey Water Products

 Errors are reduced

Errors are reduced

“With Moveitnet the setup screen is the same for all carriers. Staff get to know the system fast and we reduced dispatch errors by 95%”

Peter Krieg the then Group Operations Manager of Hagemeyer

Moveitnet avoids the direct cost and the undermining of customer satisfaction that stems from dispatch errors.

But these productivity improvements and error reductions in your Dispatch operation are only the beginnings of the Savings and improvements that you will make with Moveitnet.

The production of each consignment gives cost saving opportunities in freight, starts the beginning of a consignment tracking process and collects data that enables overall delivery management cost and performance optimisation.

“Prior to Moveitnet we were handwriting many consignments and using four separate carrier PC systems. We had different data in every dispatch point. Administration was a nightmare. With Moveitnet we increased dispatch productivity by 50%”

Roy Plummer - Distribution Manager, Clipsal

some early savings to be made in the direct cost of freight

consolidating consignments to the same address

consolidating consignments to the same address

Many Customers place multiple orders in the same day. If they do in your business then Moveitnet will more than pay for itself by merging those orders into a single consignment.

But that’s only the beginning of the freight cost savings that can be made with Moveitnet.

“The merge function alone saved more than the monthly costs”

Peter Puts, Davey Water Products

Selecting the right Carrier at the right price with the right service level

Selecting the right Carrier at the right price with the right service level

“Getting the right price for delivery is not simply about contracting to the cheapest carrier on average but more about selecting the right carrier for each consignment”

General Manager - Leading Freight Broker

Moveitnet users who have done detailed analysis are amazed at the difference between the price of certain size and types of consignment between various carriers offering the same service level on the same route. But how can an operator know how to do this? Moveitnet makes it easy.

All freight contracted prices are maintained in the database. So that for each consignment delivery prices are calculated instantly for each Carrier servicing the delivery point. The system allows operators to select the lowest cost Carrier offering the chosen service level to each destination for each consignment.

Saving 10% of your direct freight costs using this feature alone is not unusual.

Consolidating Interstate Orders to get Line Haul Rates

Consolidating Interstate Orders to get Line Haul Rates

Moveitnet users can consolidate all smaller deliveries to get bulk shipping rates to each interstate destination. Each consignment is however pre-labelled for on shipment via one or more local Carriers to locations around the state.

JohnsonDiversey used this technique and it was a significant element of the major freight cost reductions that they made which are mentioned above.

What’s more Moveitnet calculated the cube of each consignment in the Line Haul shipment which allowed proper cost allocation and helped JohnsonDiversey maximise their truck cube utilisation. Another good cost savings.