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IT Department

First class delivery of software without demands on scarce IT resourcespay onlyw what you use


no need for valuable IT resources

Your IT Department will love your suggestion that you use a Moveitnet Cloud Computing solution. You don’t need an ERP/WMS interface to get started.

“Our IT group simply had to ensure that we had printers, browsers and web access. Our team then simply logged on and started using Moveinet Express to automate our dispatch processes for all of our Carriers”

Peter Puts - Distrubution Manager, Davey Water Pumps

In its simplest form Moveitnet will remember all customers and all addresses. So after a while the first few keys strokes can bring up the customer and their address.

Better still a simple Excel spreadsheet with all customer names and addresses can be fed into Moveitnet where postcode data is checked for accuracy. All customer details then come to the Moveitnet screen after a few keystrokes. The order number can also be scanned into the Moveitnet consignment note.

Users find that even these simple processes typically double productivity and reduce errors.

An ERP interface

ERP interface

Higher volume users often choose to have customer order numbers and delivery address details fed into Moveitnet from their own system. It’s a simple process that will only take your IT department a few days to organise and test.

Some customers start without the interface that can be easily added later to further speed the production of consignment notes and to increase the accuracy of data entry.

 Multiple ERP Systems


Some companies need to interface with more than one ERP system because they use 3PL’s or have different companies in a Group. No problems. Moveitnet easily interfaces with any number of systems.

“Moveitnet is ideal middleware able to integrate with us and our 3PL’s proprietary systems”

John Fraser - Logistics and Operations Manager, Kyocera Mita Australia Ltd

Similarly Moveitnet interfaced with both the Clipsal and Schneider systems when the businesses were merged and four dock based systems in their many distribution centres were replaced by a single Moveit system.