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Third & Fourth Party Logistics Providers

Moveitnet can assist in controlling costs and improving customer servicefast and easy to implement

The Bottom line for 3PL’s

The Bottom Line for 3PL’s

If you are a 3PL then Moveitnet can help you service all of your clients and all of your carriers no matter what format they need their documentation nor even if they use different computer systems.

You can lower your own costs and offer the highest service levels no matter how diverse your operations. And all that goes straight to the bottom line.

Moveitnet is the perfect answer for all Multi Party Freight Operations

Moveitnet is the perfect answer for all Multi Party Freight Operations

“We appointed NYK as our main 3PL. But our incumbent freight management system was basically a box in each location that couldn’t give us the level of information or flexibility that we required. Reliability, maintenance and software updates were a constant challenge.

We needed a web-based freight management system that could allow us to communicate with them and the many other parties involved and give us visibility of all activities across a complex distribution chain.”

John Fraser - Logistics and Operations Manager, Kyocera Mita Australia Ltd

Moveitnet proved to be the perfect solution. It interfaced with the various IT systems involved and provided log in functionality to all other authorised users everywhere.

“Being a Cloud Computing solution Moveitnet was easy to install without tying up our IT people. It immediately became the middleware that binds together our various operators.

It is feature rich and evolving and it’s maintained by people who are expert in freight management and IT. What’s more their Cloud Computing model is cost effective; we pay for what we use. And we don’t have to add to our IT department to maintain it”

John Fraser - Logistics and Operations Manager, Kyocera Mita Australia Ltd

 MOVEITNET IS BUILT FOR VISIBILITYThe client communication challenges for 3PL’s

Moveitnet utilise a multi-tenanted cloud based model. This unique architecture allows 3PL's to not only cater for multiple warehouse in one system but to provide system logins for carriers, clients and receivers, giving them a view of freight relevant to them.


  • 3PL - Can view deliveries across all warehouses with the ability to drill down through client, carrier, receiver to specific connotes and statuses.
  • Clients - Can view deliveries across al warehouses and carriers with the ability to drill down by receivers to specific delivery statuses.
  • Receivers - Can view all inbound deliveries no matter which warehouse they were sent from or carrier used.
  • Carriers - Can view all deliveries being made by them for all clients and from all warehouses.

These views allow for a more streamlined approach to customer service and provides 3PL's the ability to better analyse ongoing internal and carrier performance across their delivery operations.

3PL's can ensure a customer centric approach to freight by allowing clients to see the status of their deliveries at any point in time, including notifications through emails as the status changes.

Moveitnet offers a more inclusive solution for 3PL's and their client base. The system allows for the management of all of a clients freight, including non-3PL deliveries as well as corporate fleets. Moveitnet can even handle inbound freight to the 3PL warehouse.